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Living Plastic Industry SA is a world class packing producer from Eastern Europe, situated in the South-Eastern part of Romania, in Buzau City.
Our company has a powerful and significant background, even if it was set up only three years ago.
Our roots come from Asia, where almost 30 years ago, our president established our first company as a machine works.
In time, this company had an amazing ascent on the Circular Looms market and later the business was highly diversified by producing whole plant equipment for the PP/PE woven bags.
As a result of extraordinary management, best quality products and good business
relationships with our customers, we managed in 1997 to open a new establishment in Romania, as the unique professional broker for our equipment in the Eastern Europe.

Business partnerships were concluded with countries all over the world and allowed us to expand also in other domains.

The new company "TAIROM IMPORT EXPORT" handled successfully the machinery and equipment demands of our customers from this part of Europe and learned about their needs and interest, providing them best solutions to their problems.

Our direct contacts with the plastic bag producers helped us to know and understand the market of Romania with its demands and requirements. Therefore, shortly after the machinery dealer entered the market, we set up a factory for the plastic packing materials.

The new company, "LIVING PLASTIC INDUSTRY SA" started as a PE/PE bag producer and step by step we conquered the market with our best quality and price.
Shortly we gained the respect and trust not only of our customers, but also of our competitors. After only a few months, we have started the production for a new product, the Raschel bags for vegetables, as the first producer in Romania.
Soon, the reality of the market convinced us that it is time for another investment: the Plastic Cement Bags. As Romania has important cement mills, the new investment captured the interest also of this segment of the market.
After a thorough market investigation, we reached the conclusion that the romanian market needs a new kind of product, suitable for a large variety of products, from medicines to foodstuff, clothing, etc.
Therefore, we prepared ourselves to launch the "Zipper Bags" and the "Shopping Bags" in June past year, together with some new other investment for enlarging and improving our capacities.

Living Plastic Industry benefits from best financial, technical and management support from our mother company from Taiwan and our long and professional experience will guide us in the future to take the best steps in our developing process.

Recently, LPI has achieved ISO 9002 certification as a prove to the high quality of products and quality assurance system.

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